Laboratory of Computational Molecular Biology

College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University

Zhang, Leiying ( ÕÅĄŁÓ±)

Ph.D candidate

Expect to graduate in Jun. 2011

Phone: +86-(0)10-5880 2064
Address:””College of Life Sciences,
”””””””””” Beijing Normal University,
”””””””””” No.19, Xinjiekouwai Street,
”””””””””” 100875 Beijing, China.



  • Ph.D. candidate in Bioinformatics (Sep. 2006 ~ present)
  • Laboratory of Computational Molecular Biology
    Beijing Normal University , Beijing , China

  • Bachelor Degree in Biological Science (Sep. 2002 ~ Jul. 2006)
  • College of Life Science
    Hebei University , Baoding , China


Molecular Evolution and Comparative Genomics

Generally I focus on applying the tools of bioinformatics, biological theory and statistics to study the evolution and possible functions of non-coding sequence, especially introns. In addition, I'm interested in the research of protein function, and protein localization, codon bias, the correlation between gene expression and repeat sequences.

During my undergraduate period £¬ I did some experiments on the community structure and biodiversity of zoobenthos. Now I also help Prof. Xueyuan Xiao with their experimental study of lung cancer related proteins .

I think it should be interesting to combine both experiment and bioinformatics analysis together to better understand the association between the molecular evolution and the life phenomenon.


  • Zhang LY , Yang YF and Niu DK (2010). Evaluation of models of the mechanisms underlying intron loss and gain in Aspergillus fungi. Journal of Molecular Evolution doi:10.1007/s00239-010-9391-6.
  • Wang HW, Zhang LY , Shen GM, Li FC, Guan YQ, Li JL, Yang WB, Kang XJ(2007). Assessment of Water Quality in Juma River by the Community Structure and Biodiversity of Zoobenthos. Journal of Hebei University 5 : 530 - 536.
  • Wang HW, Guo LG, Zhang LY , Yang LK, Shen Z, Zhao JH, Zhang ZQ(2005). A primary investigation of protozoa in Baiyangdian Lake . Acta Zoologica Sinica 51 : 69-72.


  • Operating systems: LINUX, WINDOWS
  • Programming languages:PERL, C, SQL
  • Database system: MySQL
  • Statistical software: R, SPSS
  • Other tools: BLAST, CLUSTALW, PAML, PHYLIP, RepeatMasker, Bioperl, RNA fold, Bingo, etc.
  • Biological databases: GenBank, EMBL, UniProt, NCBI, etc.


  • Feb. 2008-Jun. 2008: Introduction to Life Science for undergraduate students, College of Life Sciences , Beijing Normal University .
  • Feb. 2007-Jun. 2007: Basics of Computer Network for undergraduate students, College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University.


  • 2009.10.24-2009.10.26 £¬Darwin-China 200 Conference£¬Beijing. Main instructers: Michael Benton(University of Bristol, UK) £¬ Thomas Cavalier-Smith (University of Oxford, UK) £¬ Bailin Hao (Fudan University, China) £¬ David A. T. Harper (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) £¬ Marty Kreitman (University of Chicago, USA) £¬ Tomoko Ohta (National Institute of Genetics, Japan) £¬ Chung-I Wu (Beijing Genomics Institute, CAS, China; The University of Chicago, USA),etc.
  • 2009.10.21-2009.10.23, International Conference on Genomics, Beijing. Main instructers: Errol C. Friedberg (UT.Southwestern Medical Center,USA £© ,Kevin White, (University of Chicago,USA), Tomas Lindahl(Cancer Research UK London Research Institute,UK), Manyuan Long( University of Chicago,USA),etc.


  • 2008-2009 Scholarship for Excellent Party Member, Beijing Normal University
  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Outstanding Student Cadre
  • 2007-2008 Academic Scholarship for Excellent Graduates, Beijing Normal University

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