An updated functional annotation of protein-coding genes in the cucumber genome

The 15 related genomes used

Figure 1. Phylogenetic tree of species included in the 15-way cucumber-based alignment,used to guide MULTIZ merging of pairwise alignments

*The neutral tree is based on 4-fold degenerate sites sampled from Chr1~7 with branch lengths proportional to the indicated scale.

Table 1. Genome data source

Species Assembly Name Annotation Release Release Date URL
Cucumis sativus V2.0 V2 2014/08/08
Cucumis melo ASM31304v1 Release100 2012/10/05
Citrullus lanatus V1 V1 2013/09/21
Vitis vinifera 12X Release101 2014/12/10
Malus domestica MalDomGD1.0 Release100 2012/08/16
Citrus sinensis Csi_valencia_1.0 Release100 2012/12/12
Populus trichocarpa Poptr2_0 Poptr2_0 2013/10/18
Glycine max V1.1 Release101 2014/01/07
Solanum tuberosum SolTub_3.0 Release100 2013/12/12
Arabidopsis thaliana TAIR10 TAIR10 2012/08/22
Arabidopsis lyrata V1.0 V1.0 2014/08/11
Brassica rapa Brapa_1.0 Release100 2014/09/08
Setaria italic SetariaV1 Release100 2013/06/26
Brachypodium distachyon V1.0 Release101 2014/12/14
Oryza brachyantha V1.4b Release100 2014/01/14